What you need to know about the Nobel Peace Prize

BREAKING: US announces $50m award for peace through ‘nobel’ peace program article In a move that could mark the start of peace talks, the United States announced $50 million in aid to help governments to help prevent conflicts in the Middle East.“The U.S. government is proud to announce the Nobel peace prize for peace,” said Secretary of State John Kerry […]

How to be a peacemaker on Facebook

I know how to say the right thing and make a change.When it comes to peace, I know what it takes to create the best conditions for peace.That is why I am committed to helping you do it with my Facebook posts.I have always had a love for peace, and that is why this week I am starting a series […]

How to create a peace lilly flower in the palm of your hand

How to produce a peace flower in your hand.A peace lillie flower can be a joy to grow, or a great stress reliever.You can either take care of it yourself or buy it at a local garden center.Here’s how to create one from seed.1.Pick a seedling or cuttings of a peace symbol.This will help you find a suitable seedling that […]

Why India’s financial peace is on track to be a success

The financial stability of India’s economy has been on a steady march over the last decade.While it has seen a slight slowdown, the economy has also experienced growth and inflation, the likes of which few countries have experienced in their lifetimes.Inflation has been low, and the rupee has strengthened.The Indian economy has experienced a sustained boom that has allowed it […]

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