Which is better: a peace treaty or a peace dollar?

The Peace Dollar is one of the coins on the list.It is a silver coin with a peace symbol, and is also the most common coin used in the world.It was minted in 1894 by the United States Mint in New York, and it was introduced in 1912 by the Royal Canadian Mint in Toronto.It is widely used in many […]

Which of the two megadeths has the best logo?

Peace fingers’ iconic peace logo is one of the most recognizable pieces of logo design to have gone through the generations.But which one has the most enduring impact on fans?The answer: Megadeth’s logo is more influential than ever, according to an infographic created by The Hill and The Wall Street Journal.Megadeth, the thrash metal band that formed in 1982 and […]

How to use PeaceOnEarth to support peace in Africa

PeaceOnearth, the online platform where African activists, artists and thinkers share and create art, is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the African diaspora.The platform aims to create a new way of communicating with each other and to inspire people to stand up for their rights.But its founders say it’s also important to stand together and build a network of […]

Why are we being left out of peace in the US?

By Peter Brimelow | 09 September 2017  A new Gallup poll finds that Americans are unhappy with their relationship with the US military, and that the gap between Americans and their leaders is widening.The poll, released today, finds that 47% of Americans think the military is too powerful and 29% think the US should take more action to combat it.The […]

Why the world’s first peace pole is here

Peace love is a pole of peace, with a pole for everyone.It’s been around for decades, with the poles of Peace Love, Peace Life, and Peace Love Everywhere all made in the UK. And that’s what makes it so special. In the past 20 years, we’ve seen an explosion in the number of pole-shaped buildings in the world, which means we can […]

When does it become too much for a child to bear?

Peace in spades!Peace in Spanish!Peace on earth!Peace to all!Today we look at the truth about the time that peace is too much to bear, and the truth that is too good to let go of.Today we’re looking at the reality of how it all got started. 

How the peace talks with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria unfolded

Paris, France – Peace talks with Islamic State militants in the Middle East and Africa will be held under the banner of a new peace movement, the International Peace Foundation (IPF).The new movement, which is not yet officially recognized by the UN, aims to bring about a world without conflict and build the kind of global community that was so […]

How to help walkers with PTSD

How to find out how to help a PTSD survivor walk again.How to take a walk, find your own comfort zone and help others find peace.How do you feel about walking in the middle of the day?Are you an avid walker, or do you want to take part in an event that helps people walk?This article explores what you need […]

Which is the easiest ear to feel?

The easiest ear for meditation is the middle ear, and the most peaceful ear is the right ear.Here’s what you need to know about the ear buddhas quotes, peaceful easy feelings, and peace buddas.article Ear buddhas quotes,peacefully easy feeling

How to celebrate a new year in Australia

When the temperature dips below 20C, a peace symbol can be added to the front of your garden, but there are some who prefer to use a plant of their choice.Peace lily plants, which are native to Australia and are native species to New Zealand, are widely used in Australia, but have their own unique way of celebrating.‘Peace warrior’ can […]

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