Which celebrity has the best peace bond?

The Best and Worst of the Peace Love Wax Awards 2015 are here.Now it’s time to look back at some of the nominees, as well as some of what you might have missed.A.The Best Actress: Kate Winslet. Alicia Keys, The Imitation Game (HBO) “Kate Winslet is a brilliant actress, and her role in The Imitation Games was one of the best performances I’ve seen […]

When the world’s peace church violated the peace

The world’s largest Christian peace organization violated the sanctity of the United Nations in its actions on Tuesday, the church announced.The Christian Legal Society (CLS), which has been a leading voice for peace in the U.N. Security Council for decades, violated the UN charter and UN resolution 242, which calls on all states to uphold the “universal commitment” to the […]

Why is the world celebrating Game Over?

I feel like the world is celebrating Game over because it’s not too late to get the peace and security back.I think the last couple of years has been an important one for our country.We have been able to achieve some significant results and to create a new generation of peace and prosperity.But the world has a lot more work […]

How the peace corps is using the Amazon to create a global food security strategy

The Peace Corps has developed its own food security plan, which it hopes will be the basis for a global peace corps food plan.The Peace Corps announced a plan last year that calls for planting “a total of 500 million trees” and growing 50 million acres of forest each year, the group said in a statement.The plan includes planting an […]

What’s the real story behind Israel’s peace treaty?

Israel’s long-standing peace treaty with the Palestinians will soon be over after the country’s supreme court ruled that it was unconstitutional.In a 2-1 decision, the Jerusalem District Court on Wednesday ruled that the agreement, which took effect on July 1, was illegal.The court ruled in favor of a petition filed by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations […]

How to be an out-of-control peace activist

A peace activist has emerged as a rising star on the left who is using social media to spread her message of peace.A video of Lizzie Borden, the peace activist from Pennsylvania, speaking about her anti-war activism has been viewed more than 1.5 million times since it was posted on YouTube on Friday.The video, titled “Why I am a peace […]

The peace sign on the peace sign is so powerful that it could break your heart

A peace sign with a heart of gold could break the hearts of the world if the people behind it decide to take the world on a ride, it’s claimed.Read moreThe story has been posted to Reddit by the subreddit /r/worldnews and features a video from the 1970s that shows a sign with the words “peace” and “heart”.The message, posted […]

How to Create a Peace Sign for the Internet

There’s a new meme for the age of internet-enabled peace: a peace sign for the internet. According to an article published on the Peace Foundation blog, the “Peace Sign” meme is based on the peace sign on the door of the United States Capitol building. The article says that in February 2017, then-candidate Donald Trump, who was calling on people to protest against a military occupation of the […]

Which of these five companies is doing the best with climate change?

Engadgets The peace dove’s global climate change policy focuses on how to tackle deforestation, and the fish is one of its top contributors.It’s the only company that has a policy on its website that includes a list of companies that have a carbon footprint.It also lists the amount of land it uses to grow its fish.That list also includes companies […]

How to deal with the Japanese media backlash on CNN

A new poll shows Americans are willing to give up a fair amount of freedom to have more control over their news media, but Americans don’t think they’re being held hostage by their own government.The new ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 58 percent of Americans said they were willing to let the U.S. government decide what to report, with […]

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