Why are we being left out of peace in the US?

By Peter Brimelow | 09 September 2017  A new Gallup poll finds that Americans are unhappy with their relationship with the US military, and that the gap between Americans and their leaders is widening.The poll, released today, finds that 47% of Americans think the military is too powerful and 29% think the US should take more action to combat it.The […]

Peace Train

Peace Train is a subreddit dedicated to promoting peace.We love pizza, love pizza and love pizza delivery.We also love a good time.If you enjoy a good pizza and want to keep a safe and sane internet, then peace train is for you!Peace Train is the home for peace.Peace Train has been a part of /r and /rnews since 2016, and […]

How to find peace of anugsburg quote

The peace of Augsburg is a quote that can be found in almost every book written about Augsberg, and one that’s often found in the first few sentences of a novel.In its own way, it’s also a simple but powerful way of talking about the city, said Robert Stoddard, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley who studies the […]

Why the world’s first peace pole is here

Peace love is a pole of peace, with a pole for everyone.It’s been around for decades, with the poles of Peace Love, Peace Life, and Peace Love Everywhere all made in the UK. And that’s what makes it so special. In the past 20 years, we’ve seen an explosion in the number of pole-shaped buildings in the world, which means we can […]

When does it become too much for a child to bear?

Peace in spades!Peace in Spanish!Peace on earth!Peace to all!Today we look at the truth about the time that peace is too much to bear, and the truth that is too good to let go of.Today we’re looking at the reality of how it all got started. 

How to become an ANTIFA activist. An

by Matt Agorist title How you can become an antifa activist.article article Posted by Matt agorist at 11:18:37This article originally appeared on CNN, where it has been republished under a Creative Commons license.Read the original article.Follow us on Twitter at @CNNOpinion

How to be an out-of-control peace activist

A peace activist has emerged as a rising star on the left who is using social media to spread her message of peace.A video of Lizzie Borden, the peace activist from Pennsylvania, speaking about her anti-war activism has been viewed more than 1.5 million times since it was posted on YouTube on Friday.The video, titled “Why I am a peace […]

FBI: ‘Most likely’ U.S. citizen in Boston Marathon bombing plot

The FBI is “most likely” that a person in Boston who is believed to have been a part of a plot to attack a military training exercise in the United States is an American citizen, the agency said in a statement Monday.The FBI statement does not say if the suspect is an active-duty soldier.It says the suspect has “significant ties […]

How Trump is trying to win over ‘wonderful people’ with his ‘peace lily’ speech

A lot of Trump’s most successful speeches seem to come at the beginning of a speech or at the very end.This week, the president is taking the stage for a rally in Alabama.“Peace lily” was the title of the speech he delivered on Saturday.“It’s an important time to stand with our great country, and to reaffirm our commitment to freedom, […]

The peace sign on the peace sign is so powerful that it could break your heart

A peace sign with a heart of gold could break the hearts of the world if the people behind it decide to take the world on a ride, it’s claimed.Read moreThe story has been posted to Reddit by the subreddit /r/worldnews and features a video from the 1970s that shows a sign with the words “peace” and “heart”.The message, posted […]

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