Why the world needs peace: What is peace?

The peaceful world needs a better definition of peace, an idea that has become a staple of the West’s diplomacy for decades.The term peace is sometimes used in the context of a peace deal between two countries or a “political agreement” between states, which are usually defined as a framework for managing conflict.In a new book, Peace by Design: How […]

Which is the best quote for love? | Forbes

A love quote is a powerful message that can inspire and guide a person to do something they would not normally do.It can also help to inspire them to take action, and it can help them to connect with others, too.The best quote is always a mix of two or more of these elements, as well as the word you’re […]

How to make a good democracy, and how to make peace

By default, a lot of our current political discourse tends to ignore the issue of how we live together as a species.We tend to ignore that the basic concept of a peaceful coexistence between humans and other life forms is not a concept that was developed by a few philosophers in the 19th century.It is not something that a lot […]

How to make peace: A simple yet powerful way to help kids in inner peace

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Peace offering ceremony of the Inner Peace River at the InnerPeace Church in New York City.The Peace offering was held by The Inner Peace Foundation to encourage kids to help bring peace and healing to their communities through a series of activities.While it may seem counterintuitive that a youth-focused […]

How to make the most of the global news of the week

The news in the week ahead is shaping up to be very different from the world we know.This week the news has been dominated by the devastating coronavirus pandemic, which has already killed over 9,000 people in the past 24 hours, and which is likely to continue for months to come.There has also been an unprecedented wave of violence across […]

Peace sign picture: Peace sign pictures

A peace sign picture was captured by photographer Joshua Miller in the Pacific Ocean during a peaceful retreat to the Hawaiian island of Kauai.Miller took the picture during the Hawaii retreat on May 27, 2019.Miller was on his way to Kauai when the peace sign came up on his phone.The picture, which has since gone viral on Facebook, shows a […]

Why is peace so difficult?

The peace and prosperity story is a long one.In the midst of the Cold War, the U.S. government was faced with a challenge to its ability to achieve its goal of global peace.In order to achieve that goal, the United States had to confront the existential threat of nuclear war.The Cold War was a conflict between nuclear superpowers, and it […]

How to write a peace poem

The best peace poetry of all time.I’m going to be taking you through the best of them. Peace Baptist Church of New Orleans has been a favorite of mine for a long time.The story of its rise and fall has been told countless times over the years, and this is a tribute to the church’s importance in American culture and society.When […]

‘Peace Lily’ means a democratic peace, but what does it mean?

A few weeks ago, President Barack Obama and the first lady Michelle Obama met with civil rights leader, Angela Davis, in the Oval Office to discuss the state of African-American lives and justice.During the discussion, the president reminded Davis that he is the first African-Americans president and she told him, “I’m sure you know you’re not the first black president.”During […]

How to stop the world from falling apart

From Australia’s bushfires to the global pandemic, the future is uncertain.It is no coincidence that so many people are living in cities in a state of heightened anxiety.But with a few simple tweaks, Australia’s cities could be more resilient than ever.Key points: Australians could live in a more peaceful future by adopting a more holistic approach to climate change and […]

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