Peace Through Strength: Why we’re on the path to peace

A peaceful retreat through strength is not a walk in the park.We’ve done that before, and we’ll do it again.We are on the way to peace through strength.I’m here to say we’re coming.We have the tools.We know the tools and know where we are headed.We don’t need to tell anyone else what we’re going to do.I have been talking about […]

When You’re a Peace Officer, This Is What You Do

By Sarah BinderA Peace Officer.That’s a term that’s not used lightly.A civilian who serves the public by protecting the lives of others, and who has an intimate understanding of the challenges of being a peace officer, often is called a peacekeeper.The title of the article, by a retired New York City police officer named Sam Boulton, is also apt: When […]

Peace sign picture: Peace sign pictures

A peace sign picture was captured by photographer Joshua Miller in the Pacific Ocean during a peaceful retreat to the Hawaiian island of Kauai.Miller took the picture during the Hawaii retreat on May 27, 2019.Miller was on his way to Kauai when the peace sign came up on his phone.The picture, which has since gone viral on Facebook, shows a […]

The ‘peace bridge’ between Burma and Thailand

A peaceful retreat through the mountains of the peaceful valley of Peace River in the border region of Thailand and Myanmar has been described as the most peaceful place on Earth.Peace bridge at Peace River, a peaceful retreat between Burma, Thailand and Cambodia.In the year 2031, a peace bridge is planned between Burma’s capital of Naypyidaw and the Thai border […]

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