How to use the nixon-peace sign as a peace symbol?

The Nixon-Peace sign is used as a symbol for peace in Australia, and as a national symbol, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.In its official definition of the sign, the OCHA defines the symbol as a flag or banner with a cross and a vertical line across it.The OCHA describes the sign as an […]

‘The Secret Lives of Celebrities’ and ‘The Good Life’ on Netflix

By MATT WILKINSON-LAWRENCE The best and the worst of Hollywood.It’s hard to choose just one, but I’ll try.1.Matt Damon2.Michael Douglas3.Matthew McConaughey4.Mattel’s Michael Jordan5.Brad Pitt6.Justin Bieber7.Amy Poehler8.Scarlett Johansson9.Tom Cruise10.Scarlett Johannson11.Bradlee Dean12.Natalie Portman13.Tom Hanks14.Scarlett John Hurt15.Justin Timberlake16.Tom Ford17.Kate Winslet18.Matt Bomer19.David Arquette20.Jennifer Garner21.Kate Beckinsale22.Justin Trudeau23.Jessica Biel24.Matt Dillon25.Tom Wilkinson26.Robert Downey Jr.27.Jon Hamm28.Jason Sudeikis29.Kate Hudson30.Mark Ruffalo31.Scarlett Kelly32.Emma Stone33.Bradley Cooper34.Mark Wahlberg35.Brad Paisley36.Jada Pinkett Smith37.Michael Stipe38.David Duchovny39.Amy […]

Why is it called Peace Plant?

Posted November 01, 2018 09:24:14 In an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, President Trump said the phrase “peace plant” was the name of a peace initiative created by a group of farmers in California.The farmers, known as the Peace Farmers, began planting flowers in honor of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Trump said.“I have […]

Obama to host peace summit in Saudi Arabia

Obama will hold a summit with Saudi King Salman at the White House on Thursday, where the two leaders will discuss their shared concern over Iran’s nuclear program and other global threats.The two leaders also plan to discuss regional cooperation and the potential for a new regional nuclear agreement.Obama’s announcement comes after Trump’s recent warning of military action against Iran […]

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