When Canada was ‘peace’ for all, it was a very different place

The federal government has spent $20 million to help communities in the northern Manitoba First Nation deal with an influx of foreign and domestic migrants.The money was earmarked for projects such as building schools, a new health clinic and a community centre.In an interview on CBC News Network’s Power & Politics, First Nation Chief Chief John Dabiri said he and […]

How to find a peace van, peace and blessings from cryptocurrency

A peace van is a vehicle that can bring peace and prosperity to people.The concept is nothing new.In fact, in 2018, the first peace van was launched in the UK by the Dutch carmaker Volvo.However, the concept has never quite taken off.In 2017, peace van enthusiasts began to dream of such a thing, but with a price tag of between […]

How to make peace on the Peace River camping site

The Peace River is the second largest freshwater lake in Canada, and its peaceful nature has drawn many visitors from all over the world.This summer, the Peace and Blessings Conservation Association of Canada (CACAC) and the Lake Louise Community Group (LCCG) are hosting an event on the lake to bring the lake back to life with the help of local […]

How to Be Happy for the Next 30 Years

When the world’s most beloved queen dies, we all know it will be a big loss.Yet we all need to take stock of who she meant to be.And for that, we need to reflect on who she was as a person, and on the role she played in making life better in this world.So I want to take you through […]

A new poll finds that Trump supporters are in a bad place

A new CNN poll found that nearly one-third of Americans said they had lost faith in the President’s ability to lead the country.The poll also found that a majority of Republicans felt the same way.The numbers are similar to previous polls.The CNN poll also revealed that a plurality of Americans, 36 percent, believe the president has made “a major mistake […]

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