A frog in an orange suit has caused a diplomatic incident

A frog has been pulled from a US Embassy balcony as part of a diplomatic spat.It is the latest in a string of diplomatic incidents involving US President Donald Trump’s administration, including a diplomatic row over his proposed travel ban.US diplomats have reportedly been told to avoid any interaction with the amphibian and will be warned not to let it […]

How to Find the Peace Frog in Japan

Lili’s Japanese-made Peace Frog is one of her latest creations.(Courtesy of Lili) Lili, a Japanese-born artist who lives in New York City, first created the Peacefrog in her garage.She made a few variations of it over the years, but the one she’s now selling is the most popular.“It’s not just a one-off design,” Lili said.“I want people to have one.”Peace […]

How to make a Peace Frog Song with a Peace Sign necklace

Posted by James O’Brien at March 17, 2019 03:24:13 I can’t stand the thought of putting up a Peace sign necklace around my neck.You know I’ll never be able to wear it, especially now that it’s not just for peace signs.I’ve been searching for a necklace that is simple yet classy, but also elegant, and this Peace Frog Necklace is […]

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