How to celebrate a new year in Australia

When the temperature dips below 20C, a peace symbol can be added to the front of your garden, but there are some who prefer to use a plant of their choice.Peace lily plants, which are native to Australia and are native species to New Zealand, are widely used in Australia, but have their own unique way of celebrating.‘Peace warrior’ can […]

Why does my phone ring?

When a phone rings, people often get worried, and sometimes panic.But the real problem is that the person who is ringing is probably not in their normal mode of life, and their anxiety isn’t related to the phone ringing.They may be a victim of some sort of anxiety disorder.So when someone calls 911 and tells the operator that they have […]

Why do people think peace lilies are peace sign?

A peace lolly plant is often planted on the site of the peace sign in peace gardens, but some people think the peace lollies are actually a peace sign.A post on the peace garden subreddit has gained more than 3,500 views and more than 4,000 comments, calling for an investigation into whether or not the plants are peace signs.Some people […]

Peace Lily Plant: A New Look at Plants That May Save Lives

A new research paper looks at the peace lilies of North America, which have been credited with a remarkable amount of relief in a number of medical crises.The research paper, published by the Natural History Museum of Denmark, found that peace lillies are highly effective in controlling viral infections and have been proven to be safe and effective against tuberculosis.The […]

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